Greetings & Salutations!

My name is Braven, the former fantasy video game writer who is currently on a quest to become an exalted author! Armed with a Qwerty quill and a quiver of quick-wits, I unleash fantasy-themed fables upon the kingdom of Braven Books. My mission is to cast newfound magic on classic children’s stories reminiscent of Aesop’s Fables… but with paladins and dragons and ogres, oh my! Keeping true to the tradition of fables, each tale teaches a valuable lesson or moral—but told in a totally fun & fantasy-filled way 🙂

Twas the Knights Before Christmas

Braven’s latest masterpiece, which has already raised over $1900 in crowdfunding, is a full-length & fully-illustrated fantastical remake of ‘A Visit From St. Nicholas.’ Festooned with fantasy and storylines of rhymes, ‘Twas the Knights Before Christmas takes you on an epic adventure alongside noble Knights, a golden Fairy, and… a Dragon! But when the Dragon steals the Fairy, our Knights must embark on a heroic quest in order to save Christmas.

Writing, illustrating, and publishing the first-ever book on the Braven Bookshelf is a lot of work. Like, a LOT of work… way more than ever imagined. Buuuuut I suppose that’s expected since imagination knows no bounds 🙂

Founders of Fantasy

The creative minds behind Braven Books and ‘Twas the Knights Before Christmas are the talented, gifted, and exceptionally humble

Braven the Belletrist
(a super fancy way of saying ‘writer’)


Ozzy the Illusionist
(because that sounds waaay cooler than just ‘the artist’)

I encountered the Illusionist during our journey within the video game industry; Braven was hailed Community Liaison & Storyline Scribe while Ozzy was touted as Photoshop Master & Comic Book King. Let me assure you—those were our official titles! 😀

After 6 years of leveling-up & gaining experience alongside game developers and sleep-deprived CEOs, Ozzy & I were finally ready to unfold a new chapter in our careers: short stories for little heroes! And OF COURSE our first amazing book is arriving this holiday season!

Embark on an Adventure

Assuming that the allure of dragons and knights and AMAZING art has piqued your interest, Braven Books hereby invites you to attend ‘Twas the Knights Before Christmas on GoFundMe, where you can either support the campaign or help spread the word—nay, the Christmas spirit!—to everyone you know… on and off your Facebook friends list, lol!


We are so delighted to meet your acquaintance, and it’s an honor to welcome you & your family to the noble kingdom of Braven Books.


❤️ Braven