Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Once upon the Marshes of Moore, an Epic Dragon emerged from the murky lake. You probably already know this, but… if you can defeat an Epic Dragon, you will be rewarded with wondrous riches, rare armors, and like, 10,000 experience points.

So, naturally, heroes of all classes began their quest to the Marshes of Moore. But this adventure was not suited for any intrepid hero; only the bravest Archer, Paladin, Mage, and Druid proved strong enough to reach the foreboding bog.


Just before the team reached the Dragon’s lake, the Paladin noticed that his almighty blade was on the brink of breaking in half. “Surely this cannot happen!” cried the Paladin, stopping his teammates in their tracks. “There is no way I can fight that Epic Dragon without an equally epic weapon!”

He turned to the Mage. “My friend, you must have another sword in that inventory bag of yours?”

The Mage nodded and pulled out a Rusty Broadsword. “This is the only one I have, but you are more than welcome to wield it.”

The Paladin huffed in disgust. “PAH!” he coughed, “A low level Broadsword? No, no, that will not do.”

“I have a Titanium Saber,” said the Druid, unsheathing a large sword from his inventory bag. “My blade is yours, friend Paladin.”

Again, the Paladin scoffed. “You want me to fight an Epic Dragon with THAT?!”

The Archer then presented an Onyx Battleaxe. “My Lord, doth this weapon suit you?”

“No, no, no!” the Paladin yelled, turning his back to his teammates. “None of your weapons are worthy enough to engage in battle with an Epic Dragon.”

So the Mage, Archer, and Druid left the Paladin behind as they approached the murky lake. The water began to boil… and out emerged the Dragon!

The Mage summoned her spells! The Archer aimed his arrow precisely! The Druid unleashed Primal Rage!

And the Epic Dragon was defeated.

VICTORY! Our friends the Mage, the Archer, and the Druid were rewarded with epic riches of Gold, Rare Items, and Microcurrency.

On the other hand, our on-looking Paladin pouted at the sheer joy of his friends. “I guess this has taught me a valuable lesson,” he said, muttering to himself:

“Beggars can’t be choosers.”

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