Do Not Give Up Friends For Foes


Once upon an Elven village, a group of Goblins lurked near the Fairy farms. But the ever-attentive Elves kept them all at a respectful distance while the Fairies fluttered in perfect safety.

But now the Goblins thought of a plan to trick the Fairies.

When a young Fairy fluttered too close to the farm’s edge, a small sly Goblin approached her. “Don’t you just hate all this hatred between us?” grumbled the Goblin. “If it were not for those Elves who stir up trouble dutifully, I am sure we would get along beautifully. Send them away so that we may play and you shall see what good friends we could be!”

The young Fairy was easily persuaded and she flew back to her fellow Fairies. She spoke wonders of the Goblin truce, and her Fairy family convinced the Elves to take the day off.

That night, the Goblins had the grandest Fairy feast of their lives.

Just before the final Fairy met her fate, she cried out:

“Do not give up friends for foes!”

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