Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch


Once upon the Marshes of Moor, there lived a tribe of green greedy Froglodytes. These humanoid frog-like folk were famous for stealing gold, food, and precious microcurrency from anyone foolish enough to enter their bog.

One night, one Knight encroached upon a croaking Froglodyte. With a flash of the Froglodyte’s fang-filled grin, the Knight fled from the Marshes of Moor—never once looking back—until he finally reached the town of Braven, where he quickly took refuge inside the Castle…

…but the Knight had been followed!

In the shadows cast by the Castle walls, the Froglodyte searched for treasures to steal. Sneaking past the stables, the Froglodyte found a chicken coop full of glistening golden eggs.

Quickly he grabbed a dozen eggs; carefully he balanced them all; and quietly the Froglodyte tip-toad out of town. As he back-waddled towards the Marshes of Moor, the Froglodyte fantasizing about what would happen upon his glorious return:

“These gilded eggs will hatch golden chickens,” he mused, “and they will lay golden eggs every Moor-ning. Then I will sell those eggs to Elder Frogg for 10 Silver Coins apiece. And with that money I’ll buy myself new Copper Gauntlets and a Crimson Cape and a Rare Sword…”

But just then, a battle cry pierced through the night sky! An army of Knights charged towards the thieving Froglodyte!

The frog-fiend fled just as fast as his frog-feet could, dropping egg after egg as he scrambled. One by one, each egg shattered… and one by one, the Froglodyte’s dreams of chickens and money and rare items faded away.

Elder Frogg stood at the banks of the bog as the Froglodyte reluctantly returned, empty handed and completely defeated. Elder Frogg listened to the Froglodyte’s follies, and then he ribbited his webbed words of wisdom:

“It’s exciting to fantasize, Froglodyte, but it’s foolish to conjure up plans prior to victory. It is far better to wait until after you’ve succeeded, for the future is unforeseen; and only after you’ve succeeded should you plan your next steps.”

Finally, the Frogg Elder croaked:

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.”

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