Expect No Reward For Serving The Wicked

fantasy-fable-expect-no-reward-for-serving-the-wicked-dragon-paladin-story-braven-booksOnce upon a rocky cliff, a gluttonous Dragon had been feasting too greedily, and a bone got stuck sideways in his throat. His claws were too short to get the bone out, and it was far too painful for him eat anything else… which is, of course, an awful hinderance for a hungry dragon.

The Dragon could not let this pain drag on any longer. So quickly he took flight to the forest nestled at the foot of the Mountains of Might. “I hope a fellow monster will help a choking dragon!” he thought as he descended into the forest below, trees trembling upon his arrival.

“A DRAGON!” cried the critters as hundreds of furry feet fled from the forest. But one creature remained: a brave Paladin named Gladdius.

Knowing that Dragon Scales are worth their weight in gold, Gladdius drew his blade and charged the distressed Dragon.

“Wait! Wait!” the Dragon roared, stopping Gladdius in his tracks. “I will award you handsomely if you pull this bone out of my throat!”

As you can imagine, the Paladin Gladdius was somewhat skeptical about getting too close to the Dragon… let alone putting his head inside the Dragon’s fang-filled mouth!

“Hmmm, a handsome reward, you say?” asked an intrigued Gladdius, sheathing his sword and smirking widely. “Well it just so happens I love rewards!”

Now, Paladins may very well be brave warriors, but they are equally as greedy, and Gladdius could not help himself to the allure of a handsome reward.

So the Dragon opened his mouth wide, and the brave Paladin stuck himself in and pulled out the troublesome bone.

When the Dragon felt that the bone was gone, he started to fly away.

“WAIT!” yelled the Paladin. “What about my handsome reward?”

“WHAT!?!” snarled the Dragon, whirling around. “Haven’t you already got your reward? Isn’t it enough that I let you take your head out of my mouth… without biting it off?”

As the Dragon flew far from the forest, Gladdius the Paladin muttered to himself:

“Expect no reward for serving the wicked.”

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