Half of doing is believing you can; the other half probably comes from GoFundMe

Happy Friday! Today marks my campaign’s 1 week anniversary, and together we’ve reached 35% of my goal! This is amazing! I can’t believe it’s actually happening! And I can’t believe how many exclamation marks I’m using!!!

GoFundMe has this neat feature where you can add “offline donations,” so my grandparents sent me what has to be the PERFECT card with the perfect message:

Half of doing is believing you can.


Although there was money inside (99% of which was added to my campaign contributions; 1% used for obligatory roses), the card’s message is what I find most valuable.

Not only do I believe in myself, but I have all of you believing in me too!!!

And you won’t believe the surprises I have in store for you… starting with my first crowd-funded full-length fantasy-themed Christmas story!
❤️ Lauren

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