Look Before You Leap


Once upon the Midnight Meadows, an unfortunate fox named Kitsune stumbled and fell into an open well. Although the well was not too deep, Kitsune’s paws were too wet and slippery to climb out. Kitsune began to sob, fearing for the worst, until he heard the hoof-steps of an approaching Satyr.

The Satyr, who was terribly thirsty, peeked his head inside the well, and saw Kitsune staring up at him. Assuming that the fox had gone down to drink, the Satyr asked, “Is the water any good, Mr. Kitsune?”

“Only the finest in all of Braven!” replied the crafty Kitsune. “Come down here and taste it for yourself!”

The Satyr did not hesitate—he immediately jumped down into the well and quenched his thirst. Kitsune did not hesitate either—he quickly jumped onto the Satyr’s horns and leaped out of the well to safety.

Only now did the Satyr see the trouble he was in: the well’s walls were much too tall… and there was no way to escape! The Satyr begged Kitsune to help him get out.

“Had you been smarter,” Kitsune said, “you would have first planned on how to get OUT before jumping IN. Always stop and think about your actions before acting upon them.”

“Please help!” the Satyr begged.

Kitsune grinned. “Oh, but I have already helped, you see! I just taught you an invaluable lesson:

“Look before you leap.”

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